Monday, 4 April 2011

WHAT COMES NEXT... saturn.

So we all know Saturn, you know its the one with the rings! Thats pretty cool right? Well Galileo thought so when he first discovered it in 1610. 
So then. Here are some Saturn facts! Accompanied with pretty pictures:

Saturn is the least dense planet, and its specific gravity is less than that of water. 

Saturns nine rings are prominently made of  ice particles and dust.
An ultraviolet photograph of Saturn's rings 
Saturn has sixty-two moons and its largest moon titan is the second biggest in the galaxy, larger even that the planet Mercury!

Saturn is a gas giant and its core is mainly composed of iron, nickel, silicon and oxygen compounds.

It is named after the roman god... Saturn! But also he's basically Cronus and Cronus is rad.  

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  1. Chronus isn't as Rad as urinus, the ocean came from urinus'balls after Zeus sliced them!