Friday, 24 December 2010

Josh is not a sell out!

Since it was my account that set this up, yesterday (December 23rd) I received an email from a company requesting that I feature them on here, and in return I'd get the rights to use their computer application.

My first instinct was to laugh, and thus I did. Then I paused and laughed again.

There are several reasons that I did so. Firstly, I expect that this was a message sent without the company viewing the blog. They would see that we've only posted three times, and that we are unlikely to have many viewers.
Also, why the hell would I want this application? It's nothing useful. It would be unfair to do so too - the other people who contribute to this would not be able to use it.

And that is why I will not sell out. (Well not at least for something so worthless... Money on the other hand...)

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Physics Hide-and-Seek

The large hadron collider cost 10 billion Swiss francs and has been accused of having the possibility to end the world, but what does it actually do?

Well, one of its main aims is to find the Higgs Boson, sometimes called the 'God Particle', the most elusive and sought after particle. The Higgs Boson was proposed by one Peter Higgs, a British physicist. To see why, we first need to look at the standard model. This is what explains everything that we know about physics, and consequently the universe. However, it has one major flaw, namely that mass doesn't exist within it. To rectify this, Higgs conceived his 'Higgs field'. This, if in existence, gives matter to particles as they pass through it. And there is a way to prove its existence.

All fields such as the Higgs field have one elementary particle that relates to it, e.g. the electromagnetic field has the electron. If we find this particle, it would prove the existence of the Higgs field and explain why matter has mass. This particle is the Higgs Boson.

Endosymbiosis. A love story.

Once there was a lonely proto-bacteria who could only respire anaerobically.

And a much smaller proto-bacteria who could respire aerobically and she was the most popular girl in school.

The larger, lonely Prokaryote was intensely jealous of the smaller one so he attempted to ingest her.

While she was in his cytoplasm she said "why are you attempting to digest me, if you are lonely we could just be friends. There is more than enough uneaten food in here to last me forever."

So he agreed and over time she began to produce so much ATP that it leaked out into him and allowed him to respire aerobically too.

And to this day the second bacterias descendants live in your cells.

Blogging about Moles (Ieuan told me to.)

I like moles. Not the furry little critters, but 6.02x10^23. An amount.

Carbon's atomic ratio is 12. 1 mole of Carbon weighs 12 grams. Mind blown? I think so.

Pity the chemistry kind don't have cute noses...